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here's a frog i've made for a secret WIP project.

All done in Blender (v2.75). 822 triangles, texture is 256x256. Rendered in Cycles.


Hi there !

This is the logo for the blog I'm keeping updated with photos and drawings of my year il Japan. The link is : ! The text is in french, sorry !


Some fan art opportunity as Hideaky Anno will get interviewed in a TV show called "Tracks". Search for "#Evangelion #TracksTV" on .

Brush ink on A4 150g/m² paper, Clean & levels on Photoshop, Painting on Krita with details copy-pasted from illustrator & Blender. Yeah.

Process :

rei-1-v1-lines.jpg rei-2-lines.jpg rei-1-v3-lines.jpg rei-1-ink.jpg


Digital inking & colors.


Digital colouring over indian ink lines. This is part of a serie started a long time ago, head to my old blog to check everything out.

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