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Make stuff or die trying.

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Death Rally !

brushpen on 17.2x25cm sketchbook, Screentones in Photoshop.


Turok : Dinosaur Hunter.

brushpen on 17.2x25cm sketchbook.


Grand Theft Auto 2.

brushpen on 17.2x25cm sketchbook.


New Challenge time !

From May 8 to 28, I'll make everyday a drawing about a video game I enjoy ! The earliest ones are from when I was around 8, and I'm now 28.


Oh Hey here's something.

Ink on plastified paper, Original is A4 size.


Indian ink, ballpen and watercolor on 18x12,5 cm Fabriano 300g paper sheet, some quick fixes in Photoshop.


A drawing I started some months ago to illustrate this year's chinese zodiac symbol, the chicken. I only finished it today.

Brushpen and watercolors on A4 paper, on A4 150g/m² paper, Clean & levels on Photoshop.


A drawing made on a reclaimed paper / cardboard from a cereal box. I works quite well with watercolors !
brushpen and watercolor, 25x19cm


Number 18 of the Vif Art sketchbook.
Brushpen and watercolor, 14,5x17,5cm.


Number 17 of the Vif Art sketchbook.
Brushpen and watercolor, 14,5x17,5cm.

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